July, 2015

Logan Airport with Five Star

All Footage_3

We had a great time filming at Logan Airport for a Five Star Building Corp video we are creating.

For this job we had to be very fast and mobile. For the most part, we lit the scenes with two LED panels on battery packs and had someone hold them instead of setting up light stands. We also used two cameras. One was set up on a Glidecam and the other was used for handheld work. This way we could move very quickly. One of the hardest things in production is to not only get beautiful shots, but get them very quickly. It takes years of experience to do both well.

We were escorted by Massachusetts State Troopers the whole day. It made it easier for us to travel throughout the airport and go to restricted areas with ease. A bonus…I didn’t have to take off my shoes!

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Full video can be seen here: