Bay Path Science

What do you do when you have the vision for a Go-Pro style point of view shot, but want to use a different camera? Rig your choice of camera to a helmet of course! The creativity that flows through our productions won’t stop at writing, shooting and editing. We need to come up with all kinds of solutions when it comes to the equipment too, and this is one good example. Luckily everyone on our team is on board for the sake of the video production at hand and goes with the flow of ideas no matter how crazy they might sound, or look!

img_3364img_3370img_3368vimg_3349 img_3358 img_3362    img_3403 img_3410 img_3426 img_3430 img_3431 img_3440 img_3444 img_3445 img_3456 img_3460 img_3464

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