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Working with a large team of passionate, creative people is great. It’s even better when the project you are working on includes an awesome NFL player. That player is Vince Wilfork. I have been fortunate enough to create many TV commercials for Big Y Supermarkets that feature Vince Wilfork. Vince truly is a great guy, and has a wonderful family.

There’s an exciting feeling a crew member gets on these types of sets. Every single person is NEEDED and important. We have to create this fantastic thing in a short amount of time. When everyone is contributing to the common good of the production, magic happens. The crew goes into a heightened state of awareness. Everyone is ON. Whatever needs to be done, will get done. And that sort “make it happen” feeling is infectious. It’s similar to playing with a trusted team in a sports game. That is one of the reasons people get into film and video production.

All of this happens on these Big Y shoots. There are usually about 8-10 people in the crew including a Director, Director of Photography, Producer, Gaffer, Grip, Makeup/Wardrobe, and Production Assistants. There is also about 6 people that fly in from the Detroit based ad agency and usually about 3 people from the Big Y corporate offices. On the In-Vince-able Sandwich shoot, there was even a sandwich artist on set! That shot in the commercial took about an hour and a half to shoot! Needless to say, it is a pretty big set up for us, but nothing we can’t handle. Any job we take, big or small, we put our all into making it great.