Behind the Scenes

Our Studio and Edit Suites

Our Green Screen Monster. 24’x10′


Black curtain backdrop directly opposite the green screen. The curtains open to reveal a gray wall.


Entrance to the Edit Suite.


Cozy little setup with a 46″ 4K client monitor.


Comfy and stylish client chairs.


The client couch. On the side we have a microphone set up for easy voice-over recording if needed.


Edit Bays 2 & 3


Our little “cafe”. Coffee, drink and snacks available for clients.


Bay Path Science

What do you do when you have the vision for a Go-Pro style point of view shot, but want to use a different camera? Rig your choice of camera to a helmet of course! The creativity that flows through our productions won’t stop at writing, shooting and editing. We need to come up with all kinds of solutions when it comes to the equipment too, and this is one good example. Luckily everyone on our team is on board for the sake of the video production at hand and goes with the flow of ideas no matter how crazy they might sound, or look!

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Educational Playcare

When shooting at schools, usually one or two kids will cry when they see a strange man come in with a mini rocket launcher-looking thing and a furry dead rabbit on his shoulder. But these kids are tough. Educational Playcare locations in Connecticut for a promotional video.



Green City Growers

Green City Growers converts unused commercial and residential spaces into urban farms. They grow farms on the rooftops of grocery stores, and even on Fenway Park! The promotional video featured four of their farms. We got to see such cool stuff over the course of this video production and were very inspired by their work. 



Bay Path – Program Directors

Not all of our work is for TV, we do internal videos and recruiting videos for a more targeted audience as well. This video production is a series of interviews featuring Program Directors from Baypath University. We shot seven interviews with the program directors in a very limited space. It can be tricky to make one room look like three different scenes… but we like a good challenge in production!  





Since working with the City of Springfield on their promotional video, we have continued working on other projects with them. They called on us for some drone footage of the construction happening in the city. Chris went to the top of what will be the new MGM parking garage to fly the drone and capture the construction sites.

16-drone-1-mmm-1-1 16-drone-2-mmm-1-1

Business Expo

We have been attending the Business West Business Expo for the last few years. We get a booth, do some networking, and create a short promotional video for the event. This year Chris was invited to be a speaker and give a presentation. Over the years he has turned down opportunities like this… mainly because of his busy schedule. But this time, he said yes. And then decided to share a bit about the other reason he declines these offers. Fear.

After giving his presentation at this year’s Expo, Chris created a short social media based video letting people in on his secret fear of public speaking and encourages anyone experiencing the same fear to embrace the challenge, move through the fear and GROW.

presentation_9 presentation_5presentation_3 presentation_2