FastenMaster: Pride In Craftsmanship Series

PIC – America’s Deck Builder from CHRIS TEEBO FILMS on Vimeo.

We have been producing training/product type videos for FastenMaster for years. Recently though, Janet Blake (Communications Manager at FastenMaster) wanted to take a new approach to video and content for the FastenMaster brand. We spoke about producing these short films that tell the stories about some of the stand out contractors that use FastenMaster products to make uniquely crafted decks. They wouldn’t be “in your face” advertisements. Instead they would aim to connect with their audience on a personal and emotional level, showcasing these incredibly talented contractors and the work they take most pride in.
We shoot these videos with a very minimal crew, usually just two people. It consists of an interview and creative b-roll. So far, we have shot these in Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey and Washington state. FastenMaster as well as the contractors really like the films!

PIC: Doctor Decks

PIC: Architectural Woodworks

Write up for “Doctor Decks”
This was the farthest we’ve traveled so far for the Pride in Craftsmanship video series, 2,400 miles to Washington State. We went out there for a contractor unlike most, Jason Russell. He crafted a unique technique known as deckboard bending that has earned him the nickname “The Rebel Contractor”. He is a great example of a passionate craftsman who follows his heart, plays by his own rules, and thinks outside the box all for the sake of creative freedom.

As with all of the PIC videos so far, the crew was just two. I had to do a lot of planning as far as getting equipment out there. We had to weigh all options (literally) of what gear is crucial, what can be rented and what can fly safely with me… without breaking the bank! I ended up with … equipment list here. Weather, gloominess and how you worked around that or how you use it? Color grading after?

We like to represent the featured pro’s by bringing a bit of their personality into the videos. We do this through choice of music and letting their character shine through. During our interview Jason, as a side note, talked about his beloved motorcycle. Now that has nothing to do with heat bending deck boards, but it was a part of his character and so incorporating some bad ass shots of him on his bike would be the perfect icing on this rebellious cake.


“Thank you for getting this to me so quickly. I showed Tim and he loved it. He cried, actually. (really)”
-Janet Blake

Communications Manager
FastenMaster / OMG, Inc.