Spirit of Springfield

Since the creation of the Bright Nights commercial we have continued a very cherished relationship with the Spirit of Springfield.

Growing up in Springfield we’ve always known of the Pancake Breakfast, Balloon Parade, Springfield Fireworks, and Bright Nights of course… but have always assumed they were put on by the city. When we got to know not only the people, but the mission, and struggles behind these events… we were surprised to find the backbone of all of this was a non profit organization of only three women. All the more reason we were honored to be creating this spot for them.

It was shot over the course of a year in order to be able to capture so many of the events put on by the Spirit of Springfield. We wanted to bring to life the behind the scenes efforts and highlight the passion of the team that has a very special place in the heart of the city. And in the heart of CHRIS TEEBO FILMS.


Bright Nights – 20th Anniversary from CHRIS TEEBO FILMS on Vimeo.

In October of 2013, I noticed a few print advertisements for Bright Nights on Masslive and The Republican newspaper. Even though I hadn’t visited the event in many years, it brought back some good memories of my childhood. I reached out to Spirit of Springfield (the organization who puts on the display) to see if there was a possibility of producing a short film or video or video for them. Turned out, Bright Nights was preparing to celebrate their 20 year anniversary the following year and they were actually thinking about doing something big for it. I pitched my idea, they liked it, and we were off!

We filmed the Bright Nights commercial in two days. The first day of production consisted of our crew going through the park multiple times to capture the actual light displays. To do this, I was armed with my trusty Canon C300 (which is great in low light), a small jib, a glidecam, and a camera assistant. For most of the scenes we were either hanging out of the window with the camera or standing up through the sunroof. One of the bigger shots was of the Suess Land arc. For that we needed a scissor lift and a jib set up. If used right, a jib can add a lot of production value to a scene.

Even though the Canon C300 is one of the best cameras on the market for low light shooting, no camera can shoot through a car window at night and get usable footage without a lighting setup. Knowing that we were going to be shooting this at a time when the park was going to be open to the public, bringing a big lighting set up to the park was out of the question. So, for the in-car scenes, video production was set up in a studio-like environment (commercial garage) where we could have control over lighting. We later added some visual effects to seamlessly blend the footage with the other scenes. For instance, we added reflections to the windows, added some camera movement for a “handheld” feel and more.

Bright Nights Behind the Scenes from CHRIS TEEBO FILMS on Vimeo.

This was a fun TV commercial to create because Bright Nights represents a big part of Springfield and I am always looking to add value to the city that I call home. Thanks to Judy Matt and Amy Burke of Spirit of Springfield for letting us create this!


“Yes, everyone LOVED your video. I told people from MassLive about you and the piece because they plan to support our effort in a great way. As you know they thought it was great. Both Channel 3 and 40 want to run it NOW. You did a wonderful job and stirred so many emotions. Just what you promised.”
-Judy Matt (President, Spirit of Springfield)

-Judith A. Matt (Judy)

Spirit of Springfield