Springfield Promo

We were hired by the City of Springfield to produce a video that showcased the great things about the city. There are some really fantastic things going on right now in the city and even more coming up in the near future. We’re excited to see what lies ahead.

The video itself was a little more complicated to create than we initially thought. Turns out, it is pretty hard to cram an entire city into a short video! The opening voice-over states that there are many moving parts to a city and that is very true! On one hand you don’t want to leave anyone out, on the other you have to make a video that is at least somewhat entertaining or you will lose people! It’s tough but I think we had just the right mix.

See that fancy 3D work? We hired Joe Rollins of Rendered Speechless Productions to handle all of the awesome visual effects you see in video. Joe does great work and to top it off he is based in Western MA. Win-win!

Since the city does in fact have many moving parts coming together to create something great, we had the idea to use a Rubik’s Cube as a visual metaphor.


Director/DP: Chris Thibault

Producer/Editor: Missy Boyle

Visual Effects: Joe Rollins

Camera Operator: Bryana Lucas

Camera Operator: Vadim Pavlyuk

City of Springfield Producers: Brian Connors and Kevin Kennedy

Thanks to the City of Springfield, Brian Connors, Kevin Kennedy and the Mayor Domenic Sarno for giving us the chance to produce this!



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