The Great Bull Run

We were hired by the guys at The Great Bull Run to produce an ad for the event. These guys were bringing the Spanish tradition of Running With The Bulls to America. Seemed crazy!

When hired, there were no previous videos or photos because the event didn’t happen yet. We had to capture the footage on opening day and create a really cool ad that people would want to share. That’s a tough challenge, but we were up for it!

The event was held in central Virginia. We considered flying, but we wanted to bring a LOT of equipment. The shipping charges were astronomical considering the weight. One filled Pelican case alone can easily weigh 100 pounds or more. We had 5 of them and that wasn’t including our tripods and support. The good thing is we don’t mind road trips! As long as the traffic isn’t horrendous, I like driving down Interstate 95 and passing through New York City, New Jersey, Philly, DC, etc. I’m a city guy at heart, and the hustle of cities gives me inspiration.

Once we got there we met up with crew and came up with a general game plan. Our crew consisted of 4 camera operators and a drone pilot. As you may know, a lot of people are buying drones now and using them to shoot video. Drones are small remote controlled helicopter-like systems that hold a camera while in flight. They are light and can allow you to capture some really awesome footage. Most of the time these drones carry a small camera, like a Go-Pro. But Go-Pros are not manual cameras, they are all automatic. For a professional this can be troublesome, I need to control my camera. I opted to hire a professional drone pilot to fly a heavier pro camera at the event. The camera we flew was a 5D MIII. I don’t like to settle! Our other cameras used were a RED Epic and Canon C300’s. The trick is to pick the best quality equipment for the budget at hand. Which is exactly what we did here.

At one point, I jumped into the track right before the bulls were released. Keep in mind I had about $25,000 worth of gear on me. Once the bulls were released, I felt the crowd go into a frenzy, and I urgently made my way to the side walls. I knew I would be fine, but my camera surely could have bit the dust!

All in all this was a great event and I am glad we were a part of it. It was a success!
The video (and all of it’s versions) has been shared over 60,000 times on Facebook alone. It was even aired on ABC’s Shark Tank when the company appeared on the show in the 2014 season of the show. The owners ended up striking a $2,000,000 deal with Mark Cuban! Here is a link to the episode queued up to the Great Bull Run’s appearance and note from Barbara Corcoran on our video!


“What a great video!” (From Shark Tank Episode after she watched the Great Bull Run Video)
-Barbara Corcoan (Business expert, real estate mogul and one of the “Sharks” on ABC’s Shark Tank)

“Really excited about this video! Fantastic Job!”
-Brad Scudder