HNE Comedic TV Spot

Medicare Advantage 2019

Health New England came to us with an idea to create a comedic TV commercial for their “Every Step” campaign. This spot was to demonstrate ways in which HNE is there for their customers “every step of the way”. In this case, it was every step of a vacation. 

We featured a newly retired couple setting out on a road trip to kick off their retirement. Throughout their journey, the couple checks in with their daughter and son-in-law giving them updates on the shenanigans that lead them from one medical incident after another. Only minor health issues like sunburn, slamming a finger in the gas cap, an eye infection… oh and burning off eyebrows while grilling. Good ol’ dad was the butt of all the jokes and he took it like a champ!

For this project, the client provided an initial script that Chris worked on with them in pre-production, they also provided the lake house location in Sturbridge. From there, we tackled the pre-production planning of scheduling crew, equipment, detailed shot list, casting, wardrobe, and props. Speaking of props, want to know the prop we didn’t have on set? Food for grilling in our BBQ scene. Want to know our solution? We grilled the leftover bagels from breakfast! (Spot them in the photo to the right.) We figured dad could be toasting burger buns. We really just needed the action and a little hint of smoke, we had a laugh and it worked out just fine.

We had four awesome actors, they came from NYC, New Hampshire, and the Boston area. Everyone from the client, cast, and crew rocked it. We pulled off 10 scenes in one day and in one location. All for a 30-second spot!  For each scene we needed to show the mom and dad in a vacation setting, as well as the young couple at home receiving their messages. We had to cut just one scene from the TV spot to fit it all into 30-seconds, but we provided an extended 45-second cut to allow for all scenes and some breathing room. 

The location was great and we were able to pull off everything we needed… and then some. We were able to grab some additional b-roll on a boat ride, as well as hiking and biking. 

The icing on the cake was the added touch provided by our makeup artist when it came to our sunburn scene. She was prepared to give our “dad” a sunburn, so prepared that she pulled out a stencil in the shape of sunglasses. It was so good!  😎

The energy on a set like this one is always invigorating. So many talented people working towards the same goal.    That’s the reason we were able to pull it all off.

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