True stories about modern families.

MassMutual hired us to help produce a series of films centering around LGBTQ families. We’re glad they did.

One of the great things about our job is the fact that we get to not only meet a variety of people, but at times we get to really dive into their personal lives and stories.

One day we will be filming a sophisticated robot that actually assembles other robots, the next day filming a scientist at a huge pharmaceutical company talking about how the cure for cancer could be just within reach, and then we get invited into a family’s living room to discuss the most intimate aspects of their life. That was the case with this series.

The families featured in this series were brave enough to open up and let the world in, to share their stories for the sake of spreading awareness and helping others.

Keep and open mind and an open heart. Family is family, love is love.


This gay couple went through the trenches and back on their journey to become parents, but they wouldn’t change a thing because they know that THIS is the family they were meant to have.

“The David’s” are typically pretty private people.

They don’t have social media and keep a relatively low profile. In all honesty, they were pretty hesitant to be a part of this project all together. So you can imagine the sense of relief and joy we all felt when, at the end of the shoot day, each of the David’s approached us to thank us in addition to the MassMutual team. 

They expressed that they didn’t know what to expect going into this, but that they were leaving the experience with priceless family memories that they were truly grateful for. They got to say and hear one another talk about things that go unsaid on a daily basis…. and they had a lot of fun doing it.


Courtney transitioned after a lifetime of struggling with her gender identity. She spent a lot of time hiding what she felt was her “dirty little secret”, until she realized that it was not that at all… it was her truth.

She knew she needed to be brave for the sake of her health, happiness, and ability to be the best parent she could be for her children.

Courtney loves her kids more than life itself. Her children adore her and their relationships are admirable.

Courtney’s daughter, Alye, actually came out when she as 11. She made a video about her own struggles with bullying and depression when she was 12 years old and the video went viral. Here is the link to Alye’s “Words do Hurt” video.

This family has a strong bond with clear intentions of sharing their stories to help others, and having each other’s backs. It’s a beautiful thing.


These girls kick ass. Their unapologetic approach to a life without labels is refreshing.

They felt as though they couldn’t be themselves in their hometown, so instead of feeling as though they needed to lay low and feel ashamed… they packed up and moved to Western Mass where they felt a breath of non judgmental fresh air.

The couple wants every other “Anna and Rachel” out there to know that there is a community that loves and accepts them. They believe in building your own family when you feel as though you are lacking that support. They found a lot of support in the LGBTQ community here is Western Mass and they spend a lot of time giving back to the community who gave so much to them.


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