Passionate ♥️ and driven 🏆 commercial filmmakers 🎥 in Massachusetts 💪

Chris Thibault – Writer, Director

Chris started making films when he was around 10 years old using his parents VHS camcorder. Fast-forward a few years and he found himself in love with a video production class at his high school in Springfield, MA. Now he was hooked. From there he studied Film and Video at The School of Visual Arts in NYC. New York influenced Chris in many ways and those experiences have bled into his work ever since. Chris truly cares about his work and is able to successfully retain the “art” within commercial projects, which is a difficult task to say the least.

He feels extremely fortunate to be in a position where his work can have a positive impact on his community.

Missy Thibault – Producer/Editor (Preditor)

Melissa (Missy) recognized her passion for video production at the age of 14 when she was introduced to the art through a video class in high school. Guided by her parents’ encouragement to find a career she would enjoy, she pursued her love for video and earned her BA in Journalism and Mass Communication with a specialization in Broadcast at Lynn University in Florida.

She has experience working on broadcast programming at WGBY Springfield as well as WPTV in West Palm Beach; operating cameras, floor managing and video editing for live newscasts at Florida’s top-rated television station gave her great experience in completing broadcast quality work under deadline pressure.

She also worked for Custom Play in Delray Beach, FL where she obtained the position of Quality Control of the 60 Minute Presentations department. This position challenged her to analyze featured films’ stories, morals and editing styles to present 60 minute versions of Hollywood features.

Melissa is driven by the excitement of making that perfect cut, bringing a project to life and the thrill of eliciting emotion from the viewers.

Nick Laroche – Editor, Production Assistant

Nick’s love for camera work and editing started as just a young kid making short Gopro videos of him and his friends skiing and snowboarding. His interest in videography skyrocketed after he picked up his first DSLR camera leading him to study and receive his BA in Film Production at Keene State College. Nick is part of every production in one way or another from Production to Post. A strong work ethic combined with a creative mind is where Nick shines.

“I am very excited to have begun my career working alongside such skillful, kind, and determined filmmakers. I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity that allows me to use my passions in filmmaking everyday.”