Living Our Script

Living Our Script is a podcast tackling issues associated with both running a production company and raising a family while dealing with the reality of cancer. Chris Thibault (currently battling Stage 4 cancer) and his wife Missy are filmmakers looking for ways to stay alive while doing what they love. Creating. Read more on this at our blog


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#6 – New Scan Results

#6 – New Scan Results Chris and Missy talk about the new scan results and how that affects their strategy moving forward, and the gratitude they have for all of the support from the community.   Read the coinciding blog post.

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#5 – Mikie T. Guest Appearance

#5 – Mikie T. Guest Appearance Mike Thibault joins Chris and Missy in the studio and they talk about their brother Brandon who they lost a couple of months ago. 

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#4 – Visualization and True Artistry

#4 – Visualization and True Artistry Pacman eating bubble-like tumors, home remedies for cancer, and the meaning of the word “artist” are just some of the topics of discussion today.

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#3 – Back to Reality

#3 – Back to Reality Chris and Missy get back home and right away have to deal with a variety of interesting situations. 

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#1 – Ramblin’ ’bout Cancer’in

#1 – Ramblin’ ’bout Cancer’in Stage 4 cancer reared its ugly head last September as Chris and Missy learned that Chris’ cancer was back and had metastasized through his body.     In their first podcast, Chris and Missy discuss what brought them here, their first week of experiences in

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