It’s not very often that we are able to find the time to create cool videos for ourselves, we plan to do MUCH more of that moving forward. And this is a great example of why.

For months, Chris was intrigued by a street dancer as he drove to and from work. He felt compelled to learn about who he was, why he was out there everyday… and possibly make a badass video that featured him.

So finally as we drove by him one day, Chris turned the car around, pulled into the parking lot of the gas station where the dancer was, hopped out of the car and introduced himself. Now the dancer has a name, Desmond.

Typically, there are hours put into pre-production. But that takes time… and time is money. So for this personal project there was no pre-pro other than scheduling a day for Desmond to come to the studio (really shooting from 

the hip on this one). Chris set up a really cool shot blacked out with some dramatic spot lighting. We gave him the stage and he shared more than we expected. It was courageous of him and we totally respect that.

We went on to have him dance in front of the green screen. This allowed for us to put Desmond into the different worlds he might be imagining he’s dancing in, rather than just out on the street.

It was fun to open the creative floodgates and let the art take its course.

The Desmond video is our most watched, liked and shared video on social media to date.