Health New England 2017 TV Spot

This one was a challenge right up until we finished shooting, but came out good regardless! We had to reschedule the shoot date last minute due to weather conditions. And although the sun was poking through on the day of the shoot, the wind was extremely strong, not exactly ideal conditions for hair/makeup/audio/lighting. But because we were prepared and had the crew and equipment needed to get us through just about anything, we managed to pull it off. 

The client wanted a very picturesque location for this spot that, in some way or another, let the audience know we were in Western Massachusetts. Chris’ location scouted landed him at Springfield Country Club, where he found some beautiful locations but also a view of downtown Springfield in the distance (last shot). As long as we didn’t get hit with golf balls, it was the perfect spot!

CHRIS TEEBO FILMS also handled the casting for this project. Our adult female talent Amy was from Boston and did an excellent job rolling with the punches all day. Our adult male talent, William, came up from NYC to be a part of the shoot. The little girl in the spot is Chris’ cousin Gabriella. She was not only very patient throughout the process but also wanted to help the crew every chance she got! The little boy is Missy’s son (Chris’ stepson) and he has been in quite a few productions at this point!

Creating something like this is, with all of these moving parts is harder than you may think. It’s all about having a solid game plan, good talent, a strong resourceful crew and the willingness from the client to change direction last minute if needed. This is all easier said than done.