"Many Stories. One Goal."

American Women’s College

“ This TV spot for The American Women’s College was shot in 3 days, in 3 different locations. It features 6 actors, 2 extras, and 2 dogs. It’s still pretty mind blowing how much time, and how many people, it can take to create these short pieces of work. 

We created a 30 second spot for TV, as well as an extended 60 second version that was shared on social media and their website. The goal for this spot was to showcase a diverse group of women who share the same goal. We did this using the concept of writing in their journals. Each in their own unique setting, telling a shared story of their growth through The American Women’s College.

We rarely create storyboards, and this is a good example of why. We were able to shoot each of the women in their individual scenes reading the entire 

script. Then, we let the magic happen in the edit bay as we pulled out the best takes from each of them and stitch them together. Scripts are super important, as are the shot lists… but having the flexibility to switch things up last minute and the ability to utilize all of the content to create the best final product is ultimately the secret sauce to a lot of our successful videos. 

Chris loves to take talent off the written script for a chance at some raw emotion, and in this spot we used one of those moments and it turned out to be the client’s favorite part. Evoking emotion from the audience is always the goal… but when we can evoke that extra emotion out of the talent on set… Homerun!

We can usually pinpoint our favorite shot or scene after a shoot day… but this shoot left us with too many favorites! It was truly a beautiful commercial to work on from the creative pre production to the images and emotions captured.“


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